December 2012 Newsletter ~ The Jazz Queen

Whether enjoying a jazz concert, making connections or conducting business, we at Infinity Artists Group are blessed to have been able to forge many great friendships.  We would like to introduce you to a friend whom you may not yet know.  Her name is Terri Scott and is known in the industry by her sobriquet:  “The Jazz Queen”.

Terri lives in Las Vegas and works as a legal secretary in a law firm that specializes in construction defects.  However, her passion is jazz.

In the evening you’ll find her at home on her laptop on blogtalkradio, interviewing some of Contemporary Jazz’s top artists.  The interviews are interactive where fans can listen, call in questions and participate in a chatroom while the artist is on the air.  Let’s take a few moments to get to know “The Jazz Queen”.

IAG:  A lot of us know you as “The Jazz Queen” but we know very little about Terri.  Tell us about your background and how you became involved with jazz?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  I was not really exposed to jazz until I moved to Atlanta in 1996. That was the first time I heard Brian Culbertson and Boney James play and saw Fourplay and Steve Cole live.  Then in 1998 I started working part time at Circuit City and heard Brian Culbertson’s “Secret” CD. To this day it is still my favorite.  From there my love of jazz grew.

IAG:  Tell us how you choose to work in the Smooth Jazz genre?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  I lived in California for 13 years and I would casually listen to the jazz station, but I mainly listened to R & B.  I was not familiar with the jazz artists back then and it was not until I became exposed to the jazz scene in Atlanta that I had the opportunity to make new friends and learn more about the music.  Someone gave me Steve Cole’s ”Stay Awhile” CD and I loved it. They told me that it was produced by Brian Culbertson.

IAG:  How did you start Talking Smooth Jazz?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  When I moved back to Las Vegas in 2001 I wanted to get involved with the local jazz station, so I called Cat Lee and asked if I could just come in and sit and watch him do what he does.  Unfortunately, the station did not allow it at that time.  I then decided that I should enroll in broadcast school, however, at that time there was no such school in Las Vegas.  A year later a school opened up and I was the first student to register.    One of our school assignments was to create a television or a radio show.  So I created a radio show and I got my name “Jazz Queen” from one of the instructors who is a local news anchor in Las Vegas.  He would always call me Jazz Queen because he knew about my love of jazz.  The director of the school told me about a couple of online websites, one of them being blogtalkradio, so I checked it out.  At the time it was free so I registered and did my very first show in May 2008.  I was so nervous during the show that after I completed it, I deleted it.  No one will ever hear that show.  My first airing was on June 8th 2008, just me talking about my passion for Jazz.

IAG:  With whom was your first interview?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  I met Terry Steele on the 2007 jazz cruise that Brian Culbertson hosted.  Terry did a tribute show to Luther Vandross.  I never forgot Terry’s show, so in July 2008 when I was ready to do my first show I did a tribute to Luther Vandross too.   It was a great show and Terry talked about Luther and how he came to record “Here and Now”.  Terry also talked about how he attended the Grammy’s with Luther, so there were some great personal stories that Terry shared.  The first Smooth Jazz Artist that I interviewed was Nick Colionne.

IAG:  How many interviews have you done?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  Since 2008, I have done over 250 interviews.  My goal is to do my 300th by my 5 year anniversary next year.

IAG:  Do you have a favorite interview moment?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  Definitely it would have to be the first time I interviewed Brian Culbertson.  I was still in broadcast school and I brought in all my pictures of Brian and taped them up on the walls of the studio.  I was so excited to interview him and I have been lucky to interview him three more times since then.  Brian has such a large fan base, that any time I interview him he always breaks the record of chat participants and call-ins.

IAG:  Is there someone whom you would still like to interview?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  The main artists that I wish I could have interviewed have passed on.  They would include:  Luther Vandross, Art Porter, George Howard, Grover Washington and Wayman Tisdale.

IAG:  How do you select the artists you are going to interview?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  When I first started I had a “Wish List Binder” of artists I would like to interview.  I would collect information on them including bios and press releases and then I would go on MySpace and email them requesting an interview.  Now I contact artists through Facebook or their publicist, or someone from their label will contact me asking me to interview their artist.

IAG:  What can we look forward to in 2013 on Talking Smooth Jazz?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  On June 8th, 2013 I’ll be celebrating 5 years on the air, so I am working on those plans now.  I am also working on updating my website and a few other things that can help grow and develop the station more.

IAG:  What do you suggest the smooth jazz fans do to keep your show and the genre going strong?

THE JAZZ QUEEN:  Keep tuning in and listening and keep supporting the artists by buying the concert tickets and the music.  Don’t copy the music, buy it and support the artists.  They put a lot of time and effort into their CD’s, so purchase their music and keep supporting them that way!

If it’s smooth jazz, we are talking about it on Talking Smooth Jazz.  Join us for interviews with regional, national, and international smooth jazz artists.

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